Everyone is inspired by Star Wars in one way or another.

Whether you’re a super enthusiast — standing in line for hours on opening night, dressed as your favorite character — or an on-again, off-again, take it or leave it fan, you can’t help but to feel touched in some way by the epic stories from the Star Wars universe.

You may have heard that December 16 will birth a new generation of cinematic Star Wars bliss. And your friends on the Responsory design team have put their excitement to work with a custom-designed collection of Rogue One posters.

Call it a nod of appreciation for the massive amount of time each Star Wars movie has put into the design of every little detail for the pleasure of fans and fanatics all over the world.

You’re invited to enjoy our design interpretations for the highly anticipated and latest addition to the Star Wars films, Rogue One.

Lego characterStart Wars Rogue One Poster

Lego characterStar Wars Rogue One movie poster by Jenny Gilbert

Lego characterStart Wars Rogue One Poster

Photo Credit: Kyle West