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A Groundbreaking Approach to Marketing Research

Our Mindset Analytics Process (MAP) combines machine learning with traditional consumer research methods to deliver data-driven results.

Research is a foundational element of any marketing strategy, but traditional research methods can be costly and labor-intensive. When timelines are tight, budgets are limited and markets are niche, it’s hard to build a firm, fact-based foundation. Our MAP marketing research is a scalable, customizable way to deliver the kind of deep understanding and actionable insights that can set your campaign up for success.

Harnessing the Power of AI

What makes our MAP marketing research unique is its innovative use of machine learning to gather and analyze voice of consumer data quickly and economically. At any given moment, there are millions of conversations happening across the Internet. Our proprietary AI-powered platform taps into the wealth of publicly available, organic and unbiased discussions. By analyzing these data points, we can discover exactly what’s on the minds and in the hearts of your customers – then, if needed, we use traditional research methods to validate findings.

Three Methodologies for 360º Insights

Digging Into Your Toughest Marketing Problems

Mindset Analytics Process in Action

“Thank you to you and your team for setting us up for success! The research and insights you provided us were outstanding.”

VP of Marketing, Fortune 500 Company

“We would have been apprehensive charging into this new product category without these insights. But they gave us clarity to target our launch to the right consumers, to meet their needs.”

Dir. of Marketing, CPG Company

“All the products we’re offering at market week … couldn’t have been imagined without these Voice of the Consumer insights to drive new ideas.”

VP of Marketing, CPG Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of “unstructured data” does MAP research use?2023-08-17T10:53:33-05:00

We mine actual, unprompted, organic discussions, comments, shares, reviews and more provided by your customers. Our insights reach far beyond traditional social media. We go deep into topical sites, review platforms, forums, blogs, shared photos and video content. All unbiased commentary, in front of privacy walls, is explored. Tossed aside are press releases, PR stories, and news stories.

This exclusive user-generated data set is collected in real time, providing the most accurate market insights without ever having to frame a single question. Insights go where users take us.

Our MAP data primarily comes from a proprietary algorithm that has been trained and fine-tuned for more than two decades to accurately analyze all public domain conversations. This methodology is GDPR-compliant.

Does MAP voice of consumer research make sense for my business?2023-08-17T10:53:33-05:00

Contact us and we will discuss your needs. In most cases, MAP research will accelerate your marketing strategy and deliver results quicker.

What industries does MAP research apply to?2023-08-17T10:53:33-05:00

MAP research can be applied to all industries as well as B2B, B2C and B2B2C. We can go extremely narrow and still generate thousands to millions of data points to make informed marketing decisions.

How customizable is the MAP research process?2023-08-31T16:27:01-05:00

MAP research is customized for each client’s needs. This is how we can quickly answer the specific burning questions about  their consumers, competitors and more. Our leading-edge AI tools reduce the time and cost of delivering meaningful insights. The MAP process shortens your marketing timeline and is guaranteed to build your confidence in every marketing decision made because it starts and ends with the mindset of your core customer.

How long does a MAP research project take to complete?2023-08-17T16:13:43-05:00

One of the biggest benefits of using an AI-powered research methodology is the speed in which you can get accurate, actionable insights. Depending on the depth of analysis and research methods selected, we can deliver a complete market research report in as little as 4 weeks.

Step into your customers’ shoes with MAP marketing research, only available from Responsory.

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