Making Health Insurance “Consumer-Friendly”

Let’s face it. Healthcare reform has forced health insurance marketers to become uncomfortably consumer-friendly, and fast. Individuals have more control over their health insurance than ever before, along with more options to choose from and lower barriers to switching among them. Not to mention that health insurance marketers are fighting for a share of an increasingly crowded market, as new regulations and new competitors emerge each year.

The greater demand for a dramatically more approachable, no-nonsense marketing approach is now more critical than ever. Health insurers must find smarter ways to talk to their customers, to explain and help them navigate the changing insurance landscape. All while making sure their brand and their plans outshine those of their competition.

Smarter marketing. Better results.

At Responsory, we’re no strangers to the challenges you are facing. In fact, we’ve helped dozens of insurance companies like yours compete and thrive in today’s complex healthcare environment. Whether you’re focused on your under-65 or Medicare markets, looking to attract new prospects or retain your current members – our data-driven approach will help you get to know your customers on a completely new level.

The insurance marketing pros at Responsory will show you how the power of data can help you segment and target your unique audiences like never before. We’ll take a careful, customer-friendly approach to make sure each and every message is uniquely tailored to resonate with your prospects’ individual lifestyles, wants and needs. As a final step, we’ll employ a unique mix of traditional, tried-and-true tactics and cutting-edge digital tools to ensure no customer is left untouched. Because in today’s customer-centric market, you need a smarter approach.

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