For any membership organization, there’s nothing quite as appealing as a robust and rewarding referral campaign. While referral marketing is no secret to most associations and member-based groups, many B2B and B2C businesses don’t allocate marketing dollars toward proactively cultivating referrals. While organic, word-of-mouth referrals are wonderful, it’s no surprise that when you build a purposeful and incentivizing referral campaign, you get better results.

ASQ, the most authoritative and influential association helping individuals and organizations build more effective cultures of quality, asked Responsory to build a one-month referral campaign. On the heels of the universally-loved Summer Olympics, Responsory strategized, planned and produced ASQ’s 2016 Referral Olympics program, which involved display advertising, a landing page, social media and email touchpoints.

To recognize members for their participation in the short-term, fast-paced Referral Olympics, ASQ generously rewarded them with Bronze, Silver and Gold level prizes — from $10 Starbucks e-cards to $200 Visa gift cards. The global outreach was well received by ASQ members, who referred 791 peers within the 30-day campaign window. Members referred about 3 colleagues on average. Two weeks after the campaign ended, ASQ reported that more than two dozen peers had already joined ASQ after receiving their personalized e-invitation. This early count of referral conversions covered the campaign’s cost with the new members’ membership lifetime value.

How did this campaign perform so well within such a tight timeframe?
Our custom-tailored landing page made the member’s time and effort as minimal as possible. And, ASQ’s prizes were universally appealing. Plus, we created a thoughtful experience for the peer, too. From the personalized message from their referring colleague, to the landing page that showcased all the benefits and value of membership for an incredibly affordable rate.

How can you collaborate with Responsory to build a rewarding Referral campaign?
The first step is to reach out to us. We can demonstrate our process by walking you through a successful campaign, step by step, deliverable by deliverable.

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