Reap the Benefits of Proactive Public Relations

Among Responsory’s full-service capabilities is public relations and ePR (electronic public relations). “Earned media” is the result of PR or ePR done right. It’s the free media placements – in the form of editorial coverage in print, broadcast or online – that is so attractive to our credibility-seeking clients.

Our seasoned public relations team works strategically and relentlessly to promote our clients in a positive light to the right editors, reporters and influencers for their target markets and audiences. Our clients rely on us to protect, enhance and build their brand awareness and reputations through the right media and channels. As a result, PR and ePR is often a critical part of our measurable multichannel marketing approach.

Add ePR to Your PR Approach

Responsory may be the only agency you find today to formalize and integrate an ePR approach for your publicity initiatives.

ePR stands for electronic public relations and is also known as online public relations or digital PR. Created from the need to recognize online media channels as part of the ecosystem for nurturing media relationships, ePR involves a wide variety of tactics that can stand-alone to cultivate positive publicity or that can supplement traditional public relations activities.

A knowledge of internet-based tools and technologies are essential to building and maintaining meaningful, productive dialog among key media contacts, influencers and outlets.

Reasons to Add ePR to your Tactics

  • It is a fact that online press mentions will drive an increase in backlinks – positively impacting SEO – and an increase in organic traffic.
  • A natural outcome from pursuing electronic PR activities will make you more in tune with the news and trends driving and influencing your industry and marketplace.
  • As a result, it creates opportunities for your organization to become a more active voice, making greater gains as a thought leader in your space.
  • And, it makes your organization more relevant and appealing to your media contacts, as well as more accessible by broadening the channels in which they can communicate and collaborate with you.
  • That means you’re making it easier for editors, reporters and influencers to write about your company/brand/product(s).
  • Digital public relations activities naturally encourage repurposing of your media coverage and press-worthy topics and assets. This increases your reach and frequency for each effort.

Enjoy our video blog series for a quick but close look at the value of ePR and how to initiate a program:

When you’re ready to pump up the volume of your public relations efforts, give us a call.


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