Organic & Paid Social Media

Social Media That’s Both Genuine and Persuasive

Social media has forever changed the way we communicate. It’s engaging, real-time, and it’s a central part of culture and life. Social media allows brands to reach consumers at every stage of their journey and is a key factor in their purchasing decisions. With the right content and strategy, social media can help you generate leads, build authentic relationships with your audiences and drive long-term loyalty.

Multichannel Social Media Expertise

From brand awareness to demand generation and everything in between

Responsory develops and executes B2B and B2C social media campaigns across all channels of paid, earned and owned media. We’ll help you gain a thorough understanding of your target market, strategically choose the right social media channels and develop compelling content that resonates with your customers.

Together, we’ll build an effective social media and content strategy that:

  • Grows and engages your audiences

  • Promotes a compelling and cohesive brand story

  • Drives viral awareness

  • Amplifies your cross-channel marketing campaigns

  • Delivers measurable results


  • Strategy, planning, scheduling
  • Social insights and analysis
  • Organic and paid social
  • Audience segmentation and retargeting
  • Community building
  • Content development
  • Multimedia formats
  • Influencer programs
  • Event activation
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Executive and employee programs

Social Media Should Be More Than Likes and Shares

At Responsory, we don’t just manage your social media accounts. Our social media team helps you tell your brand story in a way that both drives response and builds connection. We ensure your social media strategy is closely aligned with your brand’s digital marketing, PR and other multichannel efforts. We collaborate with your team to create holistic social media programs guided by data, audience insights and market intelligence.

Here’s what that typically looks like:

  • Customer journey optimization

    Reach audiences with the right messaging, when it matters most

  • Social media content strategy, creation and curation

    Targeted content to amplify your brand story and engage your audiences

  • Full-service social media execution

    From organic social media efforts to event activation and paid social campaigns

  • Social media program management and reporting

    Segmentation, retargeting, testing and performance tracking

Find the Voice of the People with Conversation-Based Audience Research

Just because people are complex, doesn’t mean engaging them in a meaningful way has to be complicated. While most social listening tools can show you what your customers are saying online, conversation-based audience research is a data-driven approach that uses proprietary methodology and AI-powered social intelligence to uncover why and how they think, feel, act and behave.

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Engage and Grow Your Audiences with Social Media

Social media is often the first place your audiences go to meet your brand. And with our help, you can be sure every social media interaction—organic or paid—is a memorable one. Ready to talk strategy and social media ROI?