Email Marketing Services that Make a Measurable Impact

When done right, email marketing is a powerful yet cost-effective way to generate and nurture leads, tell compelling stories, create stronger relationships with your customers, and much more.

But “doing it right” takes dedicated time, resources and expertise. There’s a lot of moving parts, from list building to audience segmentation, personalization, automation, testing, measurement and more.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back.  

At Responsory, we take a meticulous, multi-faceted approach to email marketing. In our world, that means:


for optimal engagement, authenticity and long-term email marketing performance.


that guide audiences through a personal experience–elevating your brand and meeting your unique objectives.


to ensure that relevant messaging, offers and calls-to-action are tailored for and delivered to your varied audiences.


of email into other online and offline marketing efforts for a truly omni-channel approach.

Email Marketing Services

Partner with a team of messaging, creative and data strategists that will work tirelessly to maximize the influence of your email campaigns. Our work is always customized for your unique business and goals. Here’s a look at where we can make the greatest impact:

  • Email List Building and Management

    Strategies for organic subscriber growth and audience segmentation

  • Strategic Email Campaign Development

    A robust action plan focused on measurable results

  • Full-Service Email Campaign Creation

    Tailored copy, smart design and coding for emails and landing pages

  • Email Measurement and Results Tracking

    Testing strategies, results analysis and reporting

  • Powerful Email Marketing Automation

    Selecting and/or onboarding the right platform for optimal results

Our Philosophy on Email Marketing Technology

We’re ready to support your email marketing strategy with your preferred email platform.

If you’re already using an email marketing and/or full marketing automation platform, the pros at Responsory will seamlessly work with it. Our team has extensive experience with platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce/Pardot, Constant Contact and many others.

If you don’t have a platform, we’d love to tell you more about Marketing Automation by Responsory, a full-service platform powered by SharpSpring.

Unlock the Potential of Your Email Marketing

Responsory’s email marketing services have the power to elevate your ROMI, making this channel your most trusted for nurturing the customer journey and generating meaningful engagement. Get in touch and we’ll show you how.