Bring Your Brand to Life with Video

Video was once considered an expensive, production-heavy luxury for most marketers. Since then, video has become an accessible, must-have digital marketing tool that engages audiences, humanizes brands, explains products and more.

Engaging video content is versatile, highly shareable and can be consumed across platforms – desktop, mobile, at work or at home. It allows brands to tell powerful stories and makes complex information entertaining and easy to digest.

And when it comes to measurable results, the power of video is undeniable.


But it’s not enough to simply produce video content. Every video needs a clear purpose and a compelling story to tell. It needs to be strategically integrated into your multichannel marketing mix and expertly produced. Luckily, you don’t have to take this on yourself.

B2B and B2C Video Expertise

Effective, story-driven video marketing that get results

At Responsory, we help B2B and B2C brands integrate video at every stage of the sales funnel. Whether it’s telling your brand’s story, showcasing a product, providing how-to guidance or highlighting customer testimonials, Responsory’s content team manages all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. We plan, write and storyboard, produce and publish custom-tailored video content that fits seamlessly into your marketing strategy.

 Together, we’ll create engaging video content that:

  • Boosts digital and social engagement

  • Drives viral awareness

  • Builds credibility and trust

  • Improves your search presence

  • Optimizes your landing pages

Video Content Inspiration

Video content marketing comes in many forms and serves multiple purposes. One thing we can’t stress enough: effective video content doesn’t have to be expensive and cumbersome to produce. In fact, we’re big fans of easy-to-digest, quick-hitting video content that’s integrated across digital platforms (it’s what your audiences prefer!)

Here’s a taste of what’s possible.

:06 Pre-roll/Bumper Video Ad

Bite-sized, six-second pre-roll ads are so effective because they engage viewers without trying their patience. They enable brands to create quick, captivating stories that are just enough to keep their audiences’ attention.

:60 Explainer Video

Step-by-step explainer videos are a great way to promote your product/service, inform your audiences and nurture leads. And they work: 85% of users say they are more likely to buy something after seeing an explainer video about it.

Product Features & Benefits

Product videos help take your audience ‘inside’ the product, building the knowledge and confidence they need to help them on their decision-making journey. For B2B brands, product videos are especially useful as a tool for your sales team.

Project Showcase Teaser

For service-oriented businesses, a project showcase video builds credibility and gives potential customers a glimpse into your work or portfolio.

Blog Post Teaser

Blog post teaser videos and video blogs (vlogs) present your editorial content in a more engaging, consumable video format. They’re highly shareable and allow you to appeal to a wider range of audience preferences.

Campaign Offer Recap

When used as part of a multichannel campaign, video content can help boost engagement, add interactivity and reinforce the offer and call-to-action.

Corporate Video

Most often used to promote and raise awareness of a company’s brand overall, corporate videos can serve many purposes – from employee training to investor presentations and business development.

Fast Facts Intro

A quick hitting explainer video can highlight a problem and showcase your solution. Social sharing will grab eyeballs and earn lead-prompting clicks.

Ready to add video to your strategy?

Effective video marketing can make an impact in every industry vertical. Whether you have an idea that we can bring to life or need help building a strategy from the ground up, we’re here for you.