Multichannel Marketing to Key Accounts

According to LinkedIn experts, “a growing number of B2B marketers are embracing account-based marketing (ABM) as part of their overall marketing efforts.” That’s because an account-focused approach perfectly complements the traditional, short-term marketing goal of generating leads with efforts aimed at driving long-term revenue growth.

Definition of Account-Based Marketing:

ABM is a B2B marketing approach that compels sales and marketing teams to work together to target the most ideal, best-fit accounts and turn them into customers.

How ABM Works:

Account-based marketing calls for a direct marketing, direct response mindset that aligns all resources on a common, short term goal. It is this mindset that establishes a specific set of account-specific messaging and tactics that compel prospective customers to engage. Once you’ve captured their attention, a series of steps are deployed to nurture each and usher them toward conversion. The end goal? Higher revenues among specific accounts earned within a shorter time frame.

Customize the Experience

We recognize each client is unique, and we treat them that way. We apply our years of B2B experience, but we never take a cookie-cutter approach. This keen focus is at the core of our account-based marketing strategy. To market directly and successfully to key business accounts, Responsory’s team of seasoned direct marketers identify, profile and target decision makers with messaging and tactics that appeal to their specific personas and needs. We use a variety of channels to reach, impress and compel key stakeholders.

We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition by outsmarting, not necessarily outspending them. We’re savvier and more precise in how we deliver your messages, who we deliver them to and when we communicate.

Examples of ABM programs targeting Broker, Enterprise and Employer accounts:

For Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company (the fastest growing dental insurance company in the US), a benefits experience that stands out is a powerful message that resonates with both the broker and employer decision maker segments. The results are outstanding.

Ancillary insurance brands like EyeMed Vision Care, America’s fastest growing vision benefits company, have a tough time getting face-time with busy brokers and employer decision makers.  For EyeMed, winning over key broker relationships is among its top priorities.

To boost brand awareness and generate fresh leads for IT and F&A Staffing and Consulting firm – The Intersect Group (TIG), Responsory developed and executed a robust multichannel marketing plan,  targeting select IT decision-makers in TIG’s key markets.

Why Do Account-Based Marketers Choose Responsory?

Founded on the principles of direct marketing, Responsory is a multichannel marketing agency that excels at delivering content-rich, measurable campaigns for B2B-focused businesses. In our world, marketing is not an expense, it’s a revenue generating activity. It must be measured, tested and continually adjusted – so the results it produces meet or exceed your objectives.

Devising dynamic, robust marketing programs for key accounts is a critical approach for many of our clients. Account-based marketing is a strategic approach for these businesses as it boosts awareness and drives action among highly influential accounts. Having a high-touch and highly targeted message to these accounts and individuals is critical because of their revenue potential and impact to sales and marketing.

Are you ready? Let’s work together to get the highest ROI possible from your account-focused marketing campaigns. We’ll align your marketing, sales, and account management for longer-term success.