We’re expanding our analytics capabilities and content-generation offering with the acquisition of Rocket Man Digital and addition of Jeff Nowak as VP of Research and Content Strategy. Read more about Jeff and this exciting new development!

We’ve expanded our analytics capabilities and content-generation offering with the acquisition of Rocket Man Digital, a pioneering research firm that uses a proprietary AI/machine-learning platform to deliver innovative data-driven marketing solutions through deeper understanding of customer behaviors.

Jeff Nowak, Rocket Man Digital president and CEO, will join our team as VP of Research and Content Strategy, where he’ll lead our research team to implement a proprietary research methodology. He will also oversee content marketing, applying a data-driven strategy to plan and create relevant multimedia content.

“The acquisition reinforces Responsory’s commitment to delivering in-depth B2B and consumer market research, because it is now layered with Rocket Man Digital’s innovative approach to understanding customer mindsets,” says Grant A. Johnson, Responsory founder and CEO. “We’re always pushing the boundaries of marketing research to uncover new opportunities, and with Jeff in the driver’s seat, we can help our clients better navigate the complex web of consumer preferences and market trends with data-driven, strategic insights and content.”

Adding this AI/machine-learning research to our Direct Branding℠ method will help clients accelerate marketing strategies and quickly achieve measurable results. New capabilities include quantitative insights of qualitative consumer and customer data. Simply speaking, the proprietary algorithm gathers and analyzes millions of organic and unbiased public-domain conversations across the digital universe, resulting in accurate, actionable and specific marketing insights and strategies. This methodology is GDPR-compliant.

“We’ve used AI to understand what motivates customers to act for more than 10 years and have fine-tuned this approach as the technology gets better and better,” says Jeff. “We first applied it to content strategy and soon broadened our approach to answer the burning questions marketers couldn’t resolve with traditional research.”

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