Project Description

Campaign Rocks 31% Response Rate

Client: EyeMed Vision Care

Just 3 weeks before creative needed to be in market, EyeMed Vision Care asked Responsory to help it launch a fresh broker campaign to ignite cold leads. Because health insurance is the main focus of these busy insurance professionals, it’s especially challenging to capture their attention with ancillary benefits.

Having executed similar campaigns for EyeMed in the past, we took our learnings and quickly applied them. We combined proven tactics ― including a winning (and cost-effective) direct mail format, coordinating email and response-driven landing page ― with a super-hot offer to fuel leads. We topped that off with a theme and messaging that resonated from both a personal and a business standpoint: “Rock your look and your book.”

At the same time, in our quest to provide continuous improvement, we included a direct mail creative test. We pitted a prominent call-to-action against a more subtle call-to-action.

We also used best practices like resending the email to non-responders with a new subject line to achieve outstanding results. We even had a back-up plan that included a sales contest, if the client needed to push for a stronger response.

RESULTS: This ancillary benefit campaign did not disappoint. It generated a 31% response rate for EyeMed. We also proved the importance of using a prominent call-to-action to drive response. The prominent CTA generated 3 times more responses than the subtle one.