Cross-Channel Strategies & Focused Messaging Fuel Success

Going into our sixth year of work with Renaissance Benefits, there was continued uncertainty around U.S. business practices due to the pandemic. While some organizations were going back to the office, many were evolving to a hybrid approach, making it more challenging to reach benefits brokers, buyer decision-makers and purchasing influencers.

At the same time, as companies were bouncing back, advertising inventory was in demand and rates were going up. Plus, employers were paying more attention to group benefits like dental, vision, life and disability insurance because they help to attract workers. To succeed, Renaissance needed a nimble approach with thoughtful targeting and creative to capitalize on increased interest in employee benefits in the hot job market.

Comprehensive Planning Helps Campaign Take Off

Proactive planning, research and analysis of our existing campaigns for this rapidly growing ancillary insurance provider helped us design a flexible, cost-effective omnichannel strategy. Campaign and audience-specific landing pages were the centerpiece of our campaign.

Mighty Mix + Ongoing Optimization

The tactical mix included print and digital trade media and business advertising, digital display advertising, email marketing, segmented landing pages, content, social media advertising, video, public relations and grassroots outreach with select local Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) chapters, including in-person events. Ongoing testing, measuring and adjusting each tactic helped to optimize results.

BONUS: Pull Through Efforts Designed to Lift Plan Enrollment

From enrollment videos to detailed employer roll-out kits with email templates, posters, brochures, statement stuffers and more, we have developed additional educational content to help boost enrollment after the sale.

Elevated Results

Increase in Leads from Broker Audience
Increase in Leads from Employer Audience

As this campaign year is wrapping up, overall group sales are solid and tracking to goals. Our expanded efforts, along with timely creative and better segmentation generated more engagement and significant increases in leads – a jump of over 1,000% from the broker audience and a 3,000% increase for the employer audience. Our HR outreach efforts, including in-person event participation, are resulting in meetings that will likely translate to sales.