Project Description

Amplifon Makes Selling Medicare Advantage Benefits Personal

Client: Amplifon Hearing Healthcare

The Competitive Insurance Landscape

As of 2023, the average Medicare beneficiary can choose from a record-high 43 Medicare Advantage plans. While choice is great for the consumer, it means insurance carriers face increased pressure to offer more and better benefits to stand out from the competition. For Amplifon Hearing Health Care, a global company that provides healthcare solutions and services for individuals with hearing loss, adding their hearing benefits to an insurance provider’s Medicare Advantage plan can be a differentiator and competitive edge – but first they have to get their foot in the door.

An Account-Based Approach

Seeing the opportunity for growth in the Medicare Advantage market, Amplifon sought out the services of Responsory to help its sales reps wow their prospects. We developed a digital brochure and a landing page template that could be easily customized to each prospect account and quickly deployed ahead of sales meetings, with semi-personalized content, key benefits and a selection of resources.

Website Features

  • Easily customized and quickly deployed in advance of prospect meetings
  • Personalized to prospect company as well as Amplifon sales rep
  • Evergreen resources as well as a customized benefits brochure
  • Cohesive look and feel with Amplifon corporate brand

Explore a sample landing page

Delivering a Personalized Experience

Account-based marketing and a personalized approach have been a tactical success for the Amplifon sales team. Having closed its second Medicare Advantage selling season in use, the assets created have continued to grow with the organization and evolve to meet the needs of a highly competitive market.