Project Description

Brand & Website Strategy Blasts New Technology to Top 10

Client: TSI

When TSI, the largest US debt collection agency, was on the verge of launching a new online-based accounts receivable solution developed specifically for small to medium businesses, it called Responsory. They tasked us with brand identity and website design and development.

Our Direct Branding method is built for the launch of new product innovations. When launching a new technology or software product it is important to deeply connect with the target audiences’ hot buttons so that messaging can be tailored to address them. For the one-of-a-kind Rocket Recievables, the most unique attribute of the software is that it allows clients to purchase and utilize the new solution online. This self-serve platform empowers clients to upload their customer data and trigger TSI’s proven timed-just-right series of communications and tactics.

TSI’s commitment to this product and market made it easy to recommend it’s new website be built on WordPress, the world’s most widely-used CMS. A professionally-designed theme was customized to match the brand and support the new product line’s lead generating objectives, marketing strategies, search engine optimization, and functional needs.

Utilizing our five-step website digital design and development workflow, we placed emphasis on attracting visitors through easy-to-understand product specifications and how Rocket Receivables works, as well as a focus on features that make TSI’s product superior to the competition. Special attention was dedicated to the Pricing section, devising simple infographics to support key messages, and to the site’s uber-optimized blog.

RESULTS: The swift, successful launch of TSI’s Rocket Receivables’ brand and website earned Responsory corporate recognition. The industry leader selected us to redesign and rebuild its corporate website that same year. Within 24 months of its launch, Rocket Receivables is already ranked a Top 10 Best Collection Company.