For the first time ever, Internet utilization rates have surpassed any other channel used by 64-year-olds to shop for and research Medicare plan options, according to Deft Research’s 2016 Age-In Study.

Today’s Baby Boomers are spending more and more time online. Not to mention, they’re healthier. They’re educated. They’re mobile. They’re social. And most importantly, they’re not all alike.

So what does this mean for Medicare marketing?
It means that traditional tried-and-true tactics for reaching the Medicare audience just won’t cut it anymore. To help Medicare health insurance marketers better understand the evolving environment, the health insurance marketing specialists at Responsory recently published “Straight Talk: Guiding Boomers with Consumer-friendly Medicare Marketing” (Download your free copy here).

When it comes to Medicare marketing, Responsory helps clients hone in on the right audiences and connect with them on their terms. In fact, our medicare consultants are experts at creating highly targeted, multichannel campaigns that are as unique as the individuals we help our clients reach. We make our clients’ job easier while maximizing their ROI.

See what’s working:
Download your complimentary copy of “Straight Talk: Guiding Boomers with Consumer-friendly Medicare Marketing.”