Every fall we walk around the exterior of our home inspecting window seals, evaluating door frames and making necessary repairs before the cold winter winds begin to blow. It’s the time of year for us to take a closer look and “batten down the hatches” to prepare for the winter weather to come.

Just like getting a home ready for the change in seasons, performing a Marketing Audit helps you take a closer look at your planning and goal-development process, get reacquainted with campaign goals and make necessary repairs to get your plan back on track to maximize results. Marketing Audits help you assess what’s worked and what hasn’t, which can lead to new ideas, uncover an error in direction and help reinforce your foundation (proof points and rationale).white-paper

Recently, Responsory helped Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) optimize its marketing efforts using a Marketing Audit as a first step. Through this deep dive into WCTC’s external and internal marketing environments, we were able to help them pinpoint a largely untapped segment—adult learners—and recommend fresh message positioning and tactics to effectively reach them.

For more insight into how a Marketing Audit can help your business, request your free copy of “The Definitive Guide for a Marketing Audithere.

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