Project Description

Response Rates Soar with Smarter Segmenting

Client: Health Alliance

Seeking more market share in an aggressively competitive marketplace? Suffering from low awareness in target service areas? Yearning for a truly multichannel approach to reach several key segments?

You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find that no one at Responsory shies away from a true challenge. And, that’s what the folks at Health Alliance Medical Plans were counting on.

Health Alliance Medical Plans asked us to help it capture more market share in Illinois among those who need individual health insurance coverage. One of our distinct target segments were Baby Boomers — that is, folks not yet eligible forMedicare. More specifically, our multichannel program targeted half a million pre-Medicare prospects with healthy living tendencies

Among the marketing activities we pursued for Health Alliance included a robust Smart Zones digital advertising campaign. This campaign was designed to work in conjunction with our other channel initiatives, including direct mail, email, social media, video and public relations.

While we can’t divulge specifics, we can tell you that our Smart Zones campaigns for health insurance clients like Health Alliance, consistently earn clickthrough rates that are DOUBLE those of standard ad platforms.