Project Description

Smart Cost Advisor Boosts Employer Loyalty

Client: Security Health Plan

No one can enjoy the benefits of your new product or service if they aren’t aware it exists. Establishing awareness and building a level of anticipation with your audience is crucial and can ultimately boost your overall brand recognition. Often, you must educate your audience too, helping them understand why they need your product. When Security Health Plan brought Smart Cost Advisor to its members, they turned to Responsory to help them create awareness and build anticipation.

This innovative online tool lives up to its name. Smart Cost Advisor gives Security Health Plan’s members the ability to search and compare prices for medical services and procedures within their network and based on their plan benefits. It enables them to choose the best provider for their specific situation. And, the tool supports employers’ goals too, by helping their employees keep their health costs under control.

In fact, empowering the employers was Responsory’s primary objective. Educating the members’ human resources teams and helping them understand Smart Cost Advisor’s key benefits and share their knowledge with employees was our number one priority .

Our strategy and guidance resulted in a multichannel approach under the theme “Smart Cost Advisor puts healthcare in plain sight.” One key communication device was a webinar event to introduce Smart Cost Advisor to employer groups. Our invitation for the Webinar sessions included a self-mailer to employers that incorporated a free, attractive premium – binoculars – which tied directly to the theme; and a coordinating landing page to reiterate key messages and act as our primary response mechanism.

RESULTS: The webinar campaign earned a 10% conversion rate, demonstrating that carrying a strong theme consistently through effective channels really pays off.