Project Description

Ongoing Social Media & Email Marketing

Client: VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)

Social media Offers a Lifeline to Female Veterans

Women who served in the military want and need a safe, friendly place online to share their stories, engage with one another and find ways to get support. The Veterans of Foreign Wars engaged Responsory to form the She Serves outreach to specifically honor the service and sacrifice of female veterans who have served faithfully in our overseas conflicts. Social media is an integral component of this multichannel campaign, fostering a sisterhood of support and camaraderie by connecting women with others who understand the distinct pride of being a female service member.

Much more than an online destination, the She Serves Community is all about keeping women VFW members connected and informed. Its active blog introduces VFW members to one another and encourages conversations. Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter promote She Serves online by generating word-of-mouth among our target audiences. These online communities increase the reach and exposure of the She Serves brand through a loyal following and offer an easy way for members to communicate, make new friends, and access She Serves news and updates. Responsory concepted and created the VFW She Serves outreach. We plan, write and produce the social media content for the Community blog, Facebook and Twitter outlets.

Subscriber Growth & Engagement Demonstrates the Power of Relevant Email

Packed with timely military and veteran affairs news topics, eSALUTE — just one component of the VFW She Serves multichannel campaign — connects women veterans to the most meaningful headlines, videos and resources for women veterans. This monthly electronic newsletter brings subscribers face-to-face with education and employment opportunities; equips them with knowledge about veterans’ benefits, civilian reintegration, and women’s health subjects; highlights extraordinary military women; and much more. We plan, write and produce the eSALUTE enewsletter for the program.

A Warm Welcome

All new female VFW members automatically receive a thoughtful welcome message from the VFW with an invitation to become an active participant in the She Serves community. This friendly greeting helps new members understand and get the most out of their VFW membership benefits. Responsory concepted and created the multichannel VFW She Serves outreach.