Project Description

Infographic Inspires Innovative Video to Guide Prospects Step-by-Step

Client: ASQ

When you love content marketing as much as we do here at Responsory, innovation comes more naturally. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we’re staffed with incredibly talented copywriters and designers who love what they do. Creating and repurposing content in fresh ways gets our clients more value out of their content marketing investments, so they love what we do, too!

Here’s one fun example.

The American Society of Quality (ASQ), a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals 80,000 strong, engaged Responsory to develop a step-by-step guide to gaining one of their 18 certifications. As we concepted and developed an interactive infographic to walk potential customers through the certification process, the Responsory team realized that the fodder was highly conducive to a video presentation as well.


ASQ agreed and a storyboard was presented to demonstrate how the infographic could be repurposed and enhanced into a 2 minute video.

In the end, ASQ had two vibrant, eye-catching and valuable content deliverables that could be shared across a great variety of channels — from ASQTV and to emails, landing pages, microsites and social media outlets. Each garnered a great deal of highly qualified traffic, leading prospects to the essential first steps to gaining their career-boosting certification.

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