Project Description

Digital Campaign Harvests 45% Higher Conversion Rate

Client: Financial Services Client

To forecast purchase intentions for the upcoming year, our client uses predictive modeling to identify agriculture prospects most likely to buy. Responsory created a Smart Zones digital advertising campaign to reach out to the “Tier Two” level of likely buyers, approximately 60,000 U.S. farmers.

The goal was to drive these prospects to complete a purchase intention survey online. Our client’s end desire was to measure the influence our specialized IP-zone, no-cookie digital advertising program would have on this second tier of likely buyers, while keeping in mind that this would be the only messaging they receive.

RESULTS: The single-channel 3-month campaign exceeded expectations. It delivered nearly 2 million highly targeted impressions that yielded a 0.17% clickthrough rate (more than double the financial industry average CTR of .07%) and 18.4% click to conversion rate (45% higher than the average financial campaign conversion rate). Further, the client credited our campaign for generating brand new leads, in addition to engaging existing prospects.