Project Description

Broker Campaign Grants Sales Wishes With 15% Response Rate

Client: EyeMed Vision Care

Dimensional Mail Meets AI to Create a Lasting Impression

EyeMed Vision Care approached Responsory with one wish: Develop an integrated, multichannel campaign to capture the attention of historically cold Broker prospects. The end goal: Encourage these Brokers to consider EyeMed as a top vision benefits solution for their clients.

To cut through the clutter and leave a lasting impression, Responsory developed an integrated broker campaign that blended traditional direct response tactics with cutting-edge, digital technology.

The “Make a Wish” theme was executed over multiple touches, including a dimensional mail package with a unique teaser gift, follow-up emails, Smart Zones digital advertising and an interactive landing page. The big offer? A modern-day genie lamp – an Amazon Echo Dot. And to complete the experience, we developed a custom Alexa Skill that EyeMed sales reps demoed during the sales meeting. How magical is that?

RESULTS: The campaign resulted in 109 sales appointments (that’s a 15% response rate!) with this historically inactive Broker prospect audience.