Aim Higher with Smart Zones Audience Targeting

What is Smart Zones? It’s the proof that your marketing is working. 

By definition, Smart Zones is an IP targeting platform that provides true one-to-one IP targeting capabilities to over 120 million network and over 400 million mobile devices. When you add Smart Zones by Responsory to your multichannel marketing initiatives, you add the power to reach audiences at scale across display, video, mobile, Internet radio, and connected TV.
But the impact of Smart Zones goes well beyond IP targeting, reach at scale and cookie-free display advertising. It is the key to ensuring fact-based measurability and accountability for your multichannel digital and direct response campaigns. Here’s how:

Organizations are demanding better online and offline reach among prospect and customer audiences with complete transparency. Marketers no longer tolerate a silo’d approach. The winning solution must cross channels, onboard CRM data with high match rates, support the creation of new prospect audiences, facilitate qualified lead generation and seamlessly monitor audience performance.

Smart Zones by Responsory delivers on that demand like no other.

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Smart Zones is a twice patented technology pioneered by Semcasting, a leading data-as-a-service (DaaS) provider.  As a premier Smart Zones partner, Responsory expertly deploys this powerful tool for B2B and B2C IP Matching, robust audience profiling and modeling, mobile advertising (300+ million devices) with Mobile Footprints, site visitor direct mail and cookie-free programmatic display advertising.

Simply put, Smart Zones checks all the boxes. It is the must-have capability that gets our clients’ brands and products in front of the right target audiences, without infringing on privacy.

Unique All-in-one Features

  • Robust segmenting
  • Privacy-assuring, compliant targeting
  • SOC 2 Certified for data security
  • High CRM match rates
  • Zero data onboarding fees
  • High quality inventory
  • Powerful B2B reach
  • Zero cookie ad blocking
  • Uninterrupted mobile reach
  • Fair, affordable CPMs
  • Insightful, dependable reporting
  • Proven value add in service and capabilities