Project Description

ASQ Wins Back Lapsed Members

Client: ASQ

To help ASQ, The American Society for Quality, win back members who let their professional membership with the organization lapse, Responsory developed a multichannel program, including:

  • Landing page
  • Email
  • Postcard
  • Smart Zones display advertising

Before a single concept was created, our first task involved a significant investment of time and resources to conduct a thorough discovery effort. This included profiling and modeling their lapsed members to identify important characteristics, trends and common denominators. This deep dive into ASQ’s data along with secondary research helped us to produce fact-based marketing strategies. The data allowed us to generate insightful lapsed member persona profiles complete with the most common reasons these ex-members allowed their membership to lapse.

From there, messaging and creative was developed. Together, the mailing, email and Smart Zones display ad campaign drove the highly targeted audience to the landing page crafted specifically to appeal to this audiences’ hot buttons.

RESULTS: The program earned a CTR of more than double the benchmark for a Google Display ad campaign –04% vs .10%–and the multichannel campaign earned about 200 rejoin memberships and 100% ROMI.

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