Now that 2023 is upon us, industry leaders are making predictions about the next big marketing trends and best practices for the coming year. I wanted to share my thoughts on what this year may have in store for us. It’s an exciting time and a chance to leap forward armed with knowledge and experience from years before. So, let’s gaze into our crystal ball and see what the future holds with 2023 marketing trends.

An illustration of two people verifying data security

Understanding Too Much Data Can Be a Bad Thing

Having used data as a tool since 1988, I see this poor trend repeating itself. Too much data, or focusing on the wrong metrics, can provide false evidence on how to adjust your marketing for measurable success. Begin with the basic data analytics that matter most to your organization, and what you need to monitor in order to achieve growth. At Responsory, our team prides itself on being numbers nerds. The numbers that matter most to you, are the ones that matter most to us. Remember these important tips when segmenting your data this year:

  • Too much data can be overwhelming and make it difficult to identify the most important insights and take action on them.
  • This makes it difficult to identify patterns and trends that lead to inaccurate conclusions if the data is not properly scrubbed and analyzed.
  • If the data is not properly secured, it can also lead to security risks.

While data analysis is important in marketing, it’s crucial to have a clear strategy for what data to collect, how best to use it, and how to avoid collecting data just for the sake of it. Allow our number nerds to guide you on the Right path, Let’s have a conversation.

An illustration of a person giving a 5-star rating

Creating Customer Experiences Rooted in Accountability

Experts are predicting that in 2023, customers will value having a memorable experience with a brand over other benchmarks. This will rank highest in their minds. I feel there’s truth to this. People tend to not have positive customer interactions or truly get behind brands where ads feel like ads, and the storytelling doesn’t land.

At our core, everyone wants to feel heard and validated, and that’s no different for brands we engage with. Furthermore, a focal point will be on brand advocacy this year. Forbes predicts brands with social responsibility, who promote their advocacy for key causes will resonate strongly with customers. People will feel a deeper connection with these brands, whose values closely reflect their own. This will be a winning combination this year for brands who look inward over a more fulfilling experience.

An illustration of humans watching a robot hand write

Exploring New Frontiers With Artificial Intelligence

ChaptGPT is the latest artificial intelligence-powered language generation model, and it’s all industry experts are talking about. While tools like this can help streamline and create efficiencies–saving marketers time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks, it’s important to remember that the latest shiny new bots and AI technologies can not and should not replace human creativity, empathy and understanding in impactful content. In fact, we recently put a bot to the test and asked it to write a blog post on the limitations of AI-generated content in marketing. See the results for yourself.

Still, AI systems like ChatGPT offer a new frontier on a wide variety of marketing executions from personalizing messages to specific customer inquiries, to generating catchy headlines, taglines, helping with social media marketing, and other text-based content for marketing campaigns. Furthermore, ChatGPT can even be integrated into a chatbot platform, creating more natural languages and human-like conversations with customers, thus contributing to a more rewarding customer experience (cx).

So, dive into this new AI world and experiment with how it can streamline your marketing efforts. But remember to rely on a partner who has proven AI/ML experience, and know that the bots will never be a true replacement for your brand’s voice. After all, who can speak to who you are better than you?

What’s Next?

While we don’t know exactly what the marketing future holds, these trends provide a good look into what we can expect to see and react to in the months that follow. No matter what crosses our paths, one thing you can always count on is knowing our team of experts are ready to help guide you along your marketing journey, and chart the best course for success. Let’s take a step into the future, together.