See how one recent campaign exceeded its marketing launch goal by 399%

Whether you’re launching a new product, program or other initiative, it’s important to gain positive traction right out of the gate. With limited budgets and constant noise in the market, that’s not always easy. The winning formula for marketing launch success includes a solid understanding of your markets, a well-designed marketing plan, and memorable, attention-grabbing creative that resonates with your targets.

We followed this recipe for a highly successful scholarship launch for CM Cares, the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation. In its first year, we exceeded the application goal by 399%. The campaign engaged more than 3,100 site visitors, while spreading the word among thousands of customers, religious educators and other professionals. What’s in our secret sauce? See the campaign in action.

CM Campaign

Follow these 11 Best Practices for Marketing Launches we applied to drive results.

  1. Create an overarching theme that will provide consistency across channels.
  2. Simplify messaging, so it is easy to understand and remember.
  3. Use eye-catching visuals and photography to bring the campaign to life.
  4. Segment target audiences and tailor messaging and tactics to effectively reach each one.
  5. Use a well-rounded combination of tactics. Consider print and digital advertising, outdoor, broadcast, direct mail, email, public relations, content, online marketing and social media.
  6. Think about ROI as you develop your strategy and select tactics.
  7. Repurpose information whenever possible to create consistency and efficiency.
  8. Drive respondents to an information-rich, campaign-specific web page or landing page.
  9. Employ strong calls to action to lead recipients to engage.
  10. Make it easy to share your information with downloadable tools and social media.
  11. Incorporate metrics so you can track effectiveness and adjust as needed.

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