Launching a new product or service this year? Perhaps you are entering a new market?

If you’re like our other clients, you’ve got a lot riding on the success of this launch – from a business standpoint and a career standpoint. Responsory’s Product Launch Marketing Bundle can fuel your launch program to get you the absolute most out of every penny you invest in your new product, service or market.

Inspired by our Direct Branding℠ method, Responsory created a Product Launch Marketing Bundle of services to support clients in their marketing communications planning and execution efforts for rolling out new or revamped products or services.

By using Direct Branding methodology as our guide, Responsory developed an entire suite of marketing services to support your product marketing initiatives from beginning to end. The end objective is to empower your organization in achieving these goals and many other marketing objectives:

  • Develop eye-catching creative that reflects your brand’s values
  • Enhance brand equity within targeted markets
  • Expose your unique selling proposition(s)
  • Create a sustainable brand strategy through measurable marketing tactics
  • Achieve consistent and effective message integration across all mediums


The New Product Launch Marketing Bundle is designed to help our clients from beginning – pre-launch – to end – post-launch. A PRODUCT LAUNCH is defined as the debut of a product or service into the market. The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product. After you’ve defined, priced and formulated the new or revised product offering, the New Product Launch Life Cycle can begin.

This Life Cycle is split into three distinct phases:



While each bundle of services is custom-tailored for our client’s specific needs and objectives, these are the most typical deliverables. The two most vital outcomes of the launch bundle are the Marketing Plan and Creative Brief. These communication devices will ensure that all launch crew members directly and peripherally involved will understand where your organization is headed and the precise route it will take to get there.

Here are the deliverables that our New Product or Market Launch Marketing Bundles typically include:

  1. New Product Launch Planning & Guidance
  2. New Product Launch Marketing Plan
  3. New Product Launch Scheduling
  4. New Product Launch Creative Brief
  5. New Product Launch Creative Development & Execution
  6. New Product Launch Post-Launch Report


db-icon2The purpose of the plan is to document a marketing strategy consisting of a carefully planned and scheduled sequence of activities to promote the new product or service to target audiences. The final and approved plan ultimately will be followed and referenced by a variety of leaders, specialist and marketing facilitators to execute marketing, sales and promotional activities.

The goal of creating the plan is to determine the best ways to reach as many prospects with relevant creative and messaging via the most viable channels that will allow the maximum messaging frequency within a one-year period (and potentially within a specified budget). The execution of these activities will typically be rolled out over a four quarter period and should include measurement tracking and analysis at the midpoint of the launch execution (at a minimum).

The plan will specify marketing launch objectives. These are the goals that a business is trying to achieve through its marketing. Marketing objectives are often more effective if they include a quantifiable and trackable metric such as monetary, percentage or time targets. For example, a marketing objective might be to increase market share by 4% within the next 18 months.

Marketing objectives commonly focus on areas such as these:

  • Consumer awareness and/or education
  • Consumer loyalty and/or satisfaction
  • Gaining and/or sustaining sales and market share
  • Growth and profitability
  • Product/service innovation
  • Product/service introduction
  • Product/service/brand differentiation


db-icon3The creative brief is a document that gives details of what should be considered when something is being designed or advertised. In any marketing campaign, a good creative brief will focus your efforts and sharpen your message. In the best cases, a creative brief is a document created through initial meetings, interviews, readings and discussions between the “client” (could be internal representatives in the product or sales departments, for example) and creative team (graphic design, digital design or copywriting) before any work begins. Throughout the project, the creative brief continues to inform and guide the work.

A good creative brief will answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of this project?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • What needs to be done?
  • By whom?
  • By when?
  • Where and how will it be used?

Among the most important things to include in a creative brief are an executive overview summary and background, objectives, target audience, overall marketing strategy, marketing activities/channels, timeline/schedule, competitive product positioning, customer pain points, product features/benefits, desired tone, theme and creative direction, key messages, available assets, call to action, offers, measurement metrics, key team members, their contact info and roles.

Fodder for the creative brief will originate from the marketing launch plan.


Take a closer look at all that goes into building loyalty around a new or revamped product or service launch. When organizations like yours want assurances that their efforts will really pay off … when the C-suite demands accountability for its investment … they come to Responsory. Get in touch with us to begin your countdown. 800.710.2750 or email Rob Trecek.



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