DM Confidential recently published “Google AdID: What the Alternative to Third-Party Cookies Means for Marketers” by Jason Hahn. The article covers the future of cookie-less marketing and quotes Ray Kingman, CEO of our strategic partner, Semcasting, throughout the piece.

DM Confidential

One can only surmise that in seeing the tides change, Google is shifting its sites toward cookie-less advertising options. With increasing concerns over privacy and more and more government intervention, a new method to target and track potential customers is inevitable. Enter Google Ad-ID, an unreleased service that may soon be an alternative to cookie-based targeting.

DM Confidential contacted Kingman of Semcasting as part of its expert panel for this article because the company launched an online cookie-less targeting platform earlier this year that is 100% pixel-free. Called Smart Zones, it is unlike cookie-based solutions because it scores and categorizes near 100% of online traffic into User Types and Demographic Segments, in real-time. Over 5.2 million target-ready Audience Zones are created with more than 70 million demographic combinations. Read Kingman’s perspective on Google Ad-ID in this DM Confidential exclusive.