Simply put, the world’s best corporate websites clearly understand their purpose to serve varied audiences. These sites serve prospects, buyers, job seekers, employees, investors, the media and their communities with appropriate and effective content.

Creating and maintaining a full-force online presence is challenging. The corporate site and its online subsidiaries of social pages, apps, landing pages and share-able content must communicate clearly on all fronts. Every pixel must present well on large screens, tablets and smartphones. Each message must be clear, informative and on-brand.

Meridian Industries, Inc., a 71-year-old privately owned, diversified manufacturing company headquartered in Milwaukee, is a $300 million-plus business that currently comprises five unique operating companies. Unlike a private-equity firm, Meridian is a buyer of businesses, not a seller, and owns companies with the intent of owning them forever. Meridian grows its businesses and reinvests capital in each with new machinery, manufacturing capabilities, technologies and development (R&D).

Meridian-old site

The company’s leadership realized that its corporate website presence did not accurately reflect its size, market leadership or brand. In fact, the site’s lack of sophistication in terms of design, content, professional polish, functionality, navigation and overall usability was likely impairing the parent company brand. It came to Responsory to renovate its website to convey a modern, refined parent-company brand, demonstrating the ingenuity and passion it delivers through each of its operating companies.

The primary target markets for the Meridian website are constituencies of its five companies. This could include current and potential customers of Meridian companies, who wish to learn more about its parent company, or executives that Meridian is looking to hire. Meridian also wants to appeal to acquisition candidates, that is, companies that might want Meridian to purchase them.

Utilizing our digital design and development workflow, Responsory delivered a responsive website that achieves each of Meridian Industries’ goals:

• A better user experience via improved content and organization
• Easy access to relevant, accurate and well-presented information
• Enhanced Meridian Industries brand identity and positioning
• Reflection of current and relevant corporate and operating company information
• Introduction of and pathways to operating company websites

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