They say you’re either right brain or left brain focused. With marketing, you focus on the feeling or the facts. At Responsory, we devote our talents to both to give you truly measurable marketing.

The Right Brain

When we think of the about what goes on in an office’s creative department, the Don Drapers of the world come to mind. It’s all about the feel you get from the brand: the funny tag line, cute animal mascot or bright color scheme. For our short-attention span society, this part is critical for us to grab the interest of a viewer. Without this piece, any information someone tries to push out is a pile of raw data and white noise.

When it comes to technology, Right Brainers love social media. The idea of having a direct communication with consumers is incredible, and some marketers capitalize on that with full blown social media campaigns.

The Bottom Line for Right Brain: Here, ideas are in full reign. It’s about selling a concept and lifestyle and educating beyond that is null and void. When a campaign is launched, these guys can only close their eyes and cross their fingers and hope the bottom line increases.

The Left Brain

If the last guys were all about stories, the buzz word here would be strategy and statistics. To them, no idea is good enough if there aren’t numbers to back it up. While the Righters were learning their ABCs, Lefties are all about the ROI. They don’t like fluff… they believe that a product is good enough to sell on its own by virtue of its specs, features and benefits. They believe customers are smart and they aren’t going to be sold on just a story.

Technology to Left Brains takes on a whole different meaning. They are back-office focused. More than wanting to know “what’s up?” is where you’re at, for how long and if you buy anything. They too understand the power of reaching cyber markets, but with a focus on end goals over long term conversations with consumers.

The Bottom line for Left Brain: A campaign is only as good as its end results and whether it met the goals laid out in the beginning of the initiative.

The Whole Brain

At Johnson Direct, we take the best of both worlds and end with Measureable Marketing — an approach that understands there’s no point to creative without effective results, and there’s no additional profit without creative.

We start with listening to our clients and asking the big question: “what’s the end goal with this campaign?” and following with measurable goals and implement tracking systems. We take this to creative where we produce eye catching visuals with concise information infusing both facts and ideas. Our work isn’t done when the ads are aired and publicized; we track our successes and bring them back to our clients to show the importance of marketing investing.

With JD, you don’t have to choose between imagery and results — you get both. Call our office today to see hear how we can help you with your next goal.