d587d0d044a57b87af96c47eaf317e01-d47bl1hPeople always ask me: “what made you become a designer, Nick?” I have always been a designer, a creative person. But it was Carter Romo, a very good friend of mine from college and also a designer in Minneapolis, who introduced me to this road that I am on and have been on for over 14 years.

Working on a report for a psychology class in college, Carter noticed that my thought process and work was very visual. He suggested I should check out the design school at our university. That next day, after he walked me through the design courses, I immediately changed the focus and course of my college career to complete a Design major.

Though I have always been into art, design, creating and making things my whole life, that moment was a mustard seed that brought me to where I am now.

I believe we all have that mustard seed in our career, whether it’s a single fraction of a moment in life, or a broad horizon of a feeling to where we are at. And possibly to some, still searching.

No matter what sector of the creative field – or any field for that matter – you are in, asking “why” is always an important practice and reminder we should all make. Days will go by and we quickly get smothered in our daily tasks, never asking or even looking at the “why.” It is this practice that can inflate your passion.

36 Point does a “Why I Design” video series, which for me personally, has opened up a new window of fresh air that truly fuels.


Check out a video, featuring Creative Director Justin Ahrens, that I feel is just one example of how asking “why” can lead to great things.