Convert website visitor leads with the influential power of direct mail

Site visitor direct mail is defined as a solution that “helps brand marketers transform real-time website interest and intent into relevant and personalized direct mail that converts.” Ecommerce and B2B marketers alike have an ever-growing interest in the idea of programmatically triggered direct mail but finding an affordable, effective solution to carry it out can be challenging.

Responsory’s Smart Zones+Direct Mail combines services and solutions we’ve been delivering to our clients for many years. Two decades ago, Responsory (a Johnson Direct company) opened its doors as a progressive direct marketing partner for brands that wanted to integrate online marketing with their traditional advertising and direct mail activities. And six years ago, we were the first agency to beta test Smart Zones, the original cookie-free, programmatic real time bidding display advertising platform backed by the audience targeting data power of Semcasting. With hundreds of direct mail and Smart Zones campaigns under our belts, Responsory is an expert resource for businesses who want to combine the best of these two worlds.

How does Smart Zones+Direct Mail deliver site visitor direct mail programs?

Simply put, direct mail is sent to people who have visited and/or engaged with your website. These visitors’ IP addresses are captured during their visit to your site. You dictate the engagement level required to trigger a direct mailer be sent to them. You can even choose to send different direct mail creative for different types of users and/or engagement.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We set-up UDX-Leads website visitor attribution on your website or landing page. Smart Zones by Responsory clients get access to a powerful lead gen technology that converts anonymous website visitors to user profiles including name, address and countless attributes.

Step 2: Together, we define user segments, engagement parameters and develop direct mail creatives accordingly. We can tailor your creative for different user types, segments and execute creative testing as well. Quantities, scheduling and other mission-critical details are nailed down.

Step 3: Now its time to launch your customized Smart Zones+Direct Mail program!

Why brands are adding mail to their digital strategies

The Smart Zones+Direct Mail site visitor direct mail solution combines data parsing, behavior-based intent signals and automation with the efficiency of digital, but with the added power of print. The difference between programmatic print and traditional direct mail is the data. Your Smart Zones+Direct Mail audience is built from real-time behavioral data, so they are receiving direct mail pieces that are immediately relevant.

The results you get from your site visitor direct mail program will depend on the expertise of your partner. Data providers won’t have the direct mail expertise you need. And, direct mail shops won’t stack-up when it comes to data analytics and direct marketing strategy. When you partner with Responsory, you instantaneously gain our 20 years’ experience in multichannel marketing. Reach out to discover how Smart Zones+Direct Mail can redefine the success of your direct marketing initiatives.

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