How did Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP) increase its membership 838% within the short six-week 2018 ACA enrollment period? It’s a success story we at Responsory are thrilled to be a part of. Here’s how it happened:

With the 2018 ACA enrollment period quickly approaching, Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP) knew they had the price, positioning and credibility in the marketplace needed to drive increased enrollment in its Together with CCHP health insurance products. What they didn’t have was a fast, efficient method to get their messaging to the hyper-targeted audiences these plans serve. That’s where Responsory’s health insurance marketing expertise and our Smart Zones audience targeting and display advertising capabilities came in.

An affiliate of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, a top-ranked pediatric hospital in the US, CCHP launched its Together with CCHP product in the Wisconsin ACA market in 2016 and had 3,000  members as of January 2017. As one of 3 key metro-Milwaukee players, it entered the 2018 enrollment period with just 7% marketshare.

Using data CCHP provided, our data team was able to achieve an 86% IP zone match rate that allowed us to build effective look-alike prospect audiences pinpointing young invincibles, millennials, empty nesters and Medicaid churn segments. Utilizing IP zones, we were able to get CCHP’s messaging in front of prospects at the household level, across multiple screens—without the significant reach limitations associated with cookie-based campaigns.

Our 2-phase roll-out included a 2-week pre-heat campaign to warm up our targeted universe before we rolled out 11 ad sets for the six-week enrollment period.

The program exceeded or met industry and other similar Smart Zones campaign benchmarks in terms of clickthrough rate (CTR). It earned a total of 5.5 million impressions, driving over 6,000 clicks to the display ad landing pages where clickers previewed/browsed plans and initiated the quote process.

A highly targeted and segmented program like this has a vast indirect influence. For CCHP, we saw website traffic significantly spike — 100% over last year’s traffic. Influence is realized in indirect behaviors and “follow-up visits” or “follow-up conversions” (folks who saw the ad or landing page, but visited the site/Marketplace later to get a quote or complete enrollment). Our Smart Zones audience segments drove:

  • About 75,000 unique visits to about 20 key pages of the CCHP website
  • 1,530 direct clicks (ad to landing page) over 2-week pre-heat period (avg. over 100 per day) and 2% click to conversion rate
  • 4,632 direct clicks to landing pages over 6-week enrollment period (avg. over 110 per day) and 7.36% click to conversion rate

At Responsory, we love success stories just as much as you do. Let’s talk soon to see how we might work together to create your happy ending.

What is Smart Zones by Responsory?

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