When launching a new product or service, establishing awareness and building a level of anticipation with your audience is crucial and can ultimately boost your overall brand recognition. An integrated marketing approach that combines deliverables with a strong offer and message that resonates with your target audience is the driving force behind establishing this awareness.

SHP screen captureSecurity Health Plan (SHP), a top-ranked health insurance company, approached Responsory for assistance with a new product launch. The product is Smart Cost Advisor, an innovative online tool that allows individuals to search and compare prices for medical services and procedures within their network based on their health plan benefits. The challenge at hand was to introduce Smart Cost Advisor to Security Health Plan’s employer groups by equally depicting how the tool could benefit both them and their employees. Once Security Health Plan had buy-in and support from the employers, it would then be easier to market the tool on the individual employee level.


Take a look at the eye-opening strategy and tactics that ultimately drove a successful product launch and built strong awareness among SHP’s employer groups.