We live in a world surrounded by social media. With so many options to choose from, it’s no surprise that most businesses have some sort of presence online. Social media is an important part of marketing, but check out these tips on how to maintain a good following online (originally found at bizjournals.com):

  1. Don’t mix personal with business. Make sure you’re keeping your personal social media accounts and your business accounts separate. People will be more interested in what you have to offer them rather than what you had for lunch.
  2. Fill out your profile completely. Social media profiles, especially Facebook and Twitter, offer a great means of exposure for your business. It can serve as a “one stop shop” where people can come to get information about your company and what you do, so make sure you include contact information and a company overview at the very least. An incomplete profile can come across as unprofessional.
  3. Don’t spam your followers. You know all those annoying emails you get in your inbox advertising for things you don’t want? It’s just as annoying when a company does it via social media outlets. The whole purpose of social media is to start a conversation, not to pester your followers.
  4. Keep your accounts updated. In order to stay relevant, your accounts need to stay up-to-date. Always keep an eye on changing contact information and company leadership and make sure your social media accounts reflect those changes to avoid any confusion.
  5. Stay away from controversial topics. There are certain subjects that should not be addressed on your social media networks. A good rule of thumb to follow: If you wouldn’t bring it up in a meeting with clients, don’t do it online.
  6. Don’t start selling out of the gate. According to OBJ Entrepreneur section columnist Michael Coudriet, CEO of Coudriet Media, don’t beat people over the head with sales messages in the beginning. A good practice is to post at least 100 posts before pitching any products or services.

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