Yes, you read that correctly. DATA can put the sizzle back into your sales cycle. Just ask Grant Johnson, CEO, Responsory. His “six ways” article was published in Chief Marketer’s B2B Special Report this month.

B2B Path to Conversion Special ReportIf you haven’t downloaded the special report, you’re missing out on how B2B marketers are applying data insights to connect with prospects at every point in the sales cycle.

Grant’s contribution of six B2B data tactics begins by telling us we can learn from B2C data practices. Request the B2B Special Report to find out how these practices can make a big difference in your sales cycle:

1. Focus Your Efforts
2. Embrace an Alternative to the “Campaign”
3. Sell Deeper
4. Generate More Leads Through Social Media
5. Attribution Modeling is Here to Stay
6. Nurture Leads to Improve Conversion Rates

Is it easy to strategize and execute B2B data tactics like these to make swift improvements to your sales cycle?

“No,” says Grant. “However, when done correctly, your result will be tasty returns on your investment, spending less and getting more marketing bang for your buck.”

Download the Chief Marketer B2B Special Report now.