Project Description

Video Helps Build Trust for Growing Insurance Brand

Client: Renaissance Insurance

Video content was an important component of our Small Group Awareness Campaign strategy for Renaissance last year. This growing entrepreneurial insurance company wanted to generate more awareness of its products in new markets. Video was the perfect medium to bring the brand to life by creating a more human connection.

From the start, we planned to use video in multiple formats throughout the campaign. In addition, we also planned for broader corporate and internal uses of the video footage so we could amplify our efforts.

Video in Print Direct Mail – Most importantly, we wanted to use a Video in Print (VIP) direct mail piece to introduce the company to new contacts and open doors for the sales team. The VIP mailer was designed as a booklet with a pocket to carry a personalized sales brochure with a call to action, a video screen and five button links to play an overview and four product videos. The multipurpose design enabled sales team members to share it with brokers and employee decision makers.

Landing Pages – The videos were posted on multiple campaign landing pages for broker and employer decision maker audiences.

Social Media – We also linked to the videos in social media posts. We plan to repurpose the footage soon to create shorter videos for additional use in social media.

Website Careers Page – In addition, during our planning for the sales video shoot, we incorporated time to shoot additional footage that we ultimately used to create new employee recruitment and employee welcome videos.

YouTube Channel – All of the videos are also posted on the company’s YouTube channel.

RESULTS: With thoughtful and creative planning, we were able to get the most out of our initial two-day video shoot. We produced seven initial core videos, and we continue to repurpose and edit the existing video footage for other uses.