Project Description

The Right Creative Theme will Amplify Campaign Results

Client: EyeMed Vision Care

EyeMed is America’s fastest growing vision benefits company because they give members an experience they’ve never seen before. Part of that experience is conveyed through the clever, vibrant campaign themes they deliver through their ever evolving marketing programs.

As a long-time partner, EyeMed relies on Responsory to bring their visionary themes to life in a way that evokes interest and engagement from their most discriminating target audiences: employers and brokers.

In this Broker Campaign, our objective was to educate brokers about how EyeMed brings transparency to vision benefits. The overarching theme showcased how EyeMed makes vision benefits clear for the broker, clear for the broker’s client (employer administrators), and clear for the employee members. And, the campaign offer was seamlessly woven throughout the multitouch roll-out of the campaign, establishing EyeMed as a consultative partner.

See how an innovative, 3-part creative theme can influence and breathe life into a multichannel, multitouch campaign to inspire engagement:

The right creative theme applied to a marketing program can generate more than intrigue and interest among target audiences. When woven through a series of touches and/or channels, a well-planned theme will build trust and demonstrate relevance by showing you understand your prospect’s situation. The theme can be a diving board for key messages  that encourage your audience to self-educate and learn more about what your brand offers that can help them ease their pain.

This EyeMed program and creative theme hit all of those notes and more. Our ultimate goal was to spur brokers into action. After receiving this month-long multitouch, multichannel marketing campaign, 27% of the broker landing page views resulted in an immediate Lunch & Learn request.