Project Description

Oriental Trading Company Banner Ads Get Crafty

Client: Oriental Trading Company

It’s no secret that veteran teachers spend an average of $500 on classroom supplies every year, and beginner teachers typically spend twice as much (because they don’t have previous year stashes). But how do you reach this highly targeted audience with your marketing campaigns? And most importantly, how do you ensure that your product stands out from the countless competitors?

When Oriental Trading Company (OTC), one of the nation’s largest direct merchants of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, was faced with this challenge, they turned to Responsory. We developed a Smart Zones by Responsory digital advertising campaign that zeroed in on a select audience of Elementary and Sunday School teachers, reaching them both at work and at home.

Our digital banner ads promoted a variety of OTC classroom supplies and featured unique messaging, a compelling offer and call-to-action with fun and colorful visuals that brought the OTC brand to life.

RESULTS: Thanks to this crafty creative combined with Smart Zones’ proprietary IP Zone targeting, the campaign earned a .11% CTR and a 16.3% click-to-conversion rate! All in all, the campaign successfully increased customer reactivation, response and sales per customer (when compared against a control group), resulting in measurable results that speak for themselves.