Project Description

New Creative Beats Control: Reduces Cost per Lead 30%

Client: iCare Independent Care Health Plan

iCare Independent Care Health Plan specializes in dual eligibility health insurance plans for low income residents in Wisconsin who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. Several years ago, the company approached Responsory to provide direct marketing counsel and improve its marketing ROI.

The existing control had a strong response rate, but it was expensive to produce. In addition, response was starting to wane. Responsory designed three initial direct mail concepts to test. One of our concepts immediately beat the existing control with an excellent response rate and lower production costs.

Ongoing Testing Boosts Marketing ROI

But, we didn’t stop there. We continue to provide testing recommendations and creative concepting and development to help iCare avoid creative fatigue and generate continuous improvement.

This year, we helped iCare with launches for two new products. Our approaches differentiate them from the company’s existing offerings. The first one has successfully taken off. The second is now going through legal approvals.

RESULTS: Responsory’s new control reduced iCare’s cost per lead by 30%. And with an ongoing focus on marketing ROI, our innovative approaches are helping iCare compete against larger insurers to gain market share.