Project Description

Multichannel Strategy Works Hard for Blue Small Group

Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Over the last few years, Responsory has helped Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas make a name for itself among entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses of all types. A dominant player in the Kansas health insurance market among individuals and larger employers, Blue Cross Kansas saw an opportunity to offer high quality health plans that small business owners could afford. It invited Responsory to help carve out this new segment and cost-effectively reach it with content and messaging that educates as it reassures this busy, multi-tasking audience.

Our strategy to target small businesses with 2 to 9 employees has been strong and steady. In Kansas, this segment was historically ignored and insurers didn’t make it easy to uncover small group options. Our synergistic approach made it easy for these owners to choose Blue Cross Kansas health insurance with a variety of tactics and continuous testing:

  • direct mail
  • Smart Zones digital display advertising
  • landing pages
  • online forms
  • valuable content offers
  • search engine optimization

Creative and messaging feature localization and personification to differentiate Blue Cross and underscore its friendly, customer-focused reputation. Ongoing testing and optimization help avoid creative fatigue and have resulted in continuous improvements that fuel lead generation.

RESULTS: Commitment to continuous improvements pays off.
Since launching our integrated approach for Blue Cross Kansas’ small group marketing initiatives, our campaign components have enjoyed fresh creative each quarter and ongoing adjustments and optimizations to nurture continuous improvement. Over a four year period, our campaigns have generated nearly 50% of all Blue Cross Kansas’ Small Group 1-9 pageviews.

In addition, our Smart Zones display advertising campaigns deliver thousands of highly qualified and engaged visitors to a highly optimized landing page. What’s most exciting is that our two key landing page conversion opportunities have delivered 24% and 7.41% CVRs (conversion rates) in 2018. And the best metric of all is the insurer’s small group sales team hitting its goals.

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