Project Description

Digital Targeting to Boost Medicare Enrollment by Phone

Client: iCare-Independent Care Health Plan

iCare is one of Wisconsin’s Medicare Plan HMO D-SNP providers. With a September 30 enrollment date looming, it set sights on helping eligible prospects take advantage of the plan’s new OTC benefit card program.

The challenge? Their target audience’s preference to enroll by phone.

The solution? A completely new landing page approach and Smart Zones by Responsory audience targeting and display advertising.

iCare’s key objective is to generate qualified leads from Wisconsinite prospects who have both Medicare & Medicaid benefits. To help support this goal, Responsory’s Smart Zones campaign is designed to reach prospects, build awareness, entice clicks and drive qualified traffic to the campaign landing page. Once on the landing page, prospects are encouraged to call an iCare Medicare Benefits Consultant or request a call back.

iCare Medicare Plan landing page

Click on the image to see a preview of the landing page.

A few of our favorite landing page features:

  • Utility: Pre-qualifying statement and enrollment deadline date adds to sense of urgency.
  • Masthead: Prominent and “sticky” placement of toll-free number, call-back link and mention of special gift card offer.
  • Hero: Series of three sliders featuring photos of real members. Messaging reiterates the new OTC benefits and enrollment deadline.
  • Questions Tab: A pop-up feature to urge visitors to call a friendly benefits consultant with any questions.
  • Body Modules: The $1,440 OTC benefit is the focus, accessorized with purposeful imagery including an image of the OTC card, logos for the participating big-name retail stores, meaningful icons to accentuate copy and, other high-value benefits.
  • Call-Me-Back-Form: In the event that visitors aren’t able to call during business hours, they have the option to quickly submit a form to request a call back at a time that’s convenient for them.

Not only is there a seamless connection between the Smart Zones banner ad creative and the landing page, but the landing page elements were tailored specifically for this campaign’s objectives and the unique needs of the target audience. This is an important strategy for winning more landing page conversions.