Project Description

Digital Campaign Makes ACA Decision Making Easier

Client: Children’s Community Health Plan

With an 838% year over year increase in ACA plan membership, Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP) had high expectations for the 2019 open enrollment period. Having been a part of 2018’s success story, CCHP asked Responsory to deploy another Smart Zones audience targeting and display advertising campaign.

Our strategy for CCHP’s Together Plan was to segment our audiences and tailor our creative and messaging to each segment’s specific needs and concerns. We also directed some very important improvements on their landing pages, adding and revising content to guide our various segments to engagement. And, we deployed our secret weapon for driving highly targeted and qualified traffic to their landing pages.

The two-phase program kicked-off with a 2-week pre-heat campaign to warm-up the 6-county Wisconsin audience with 3 ad sets. The 6-week enrollment phase targeted prospects in four key segments: invincibles (age 18-25), millennials (age 26-34), empty nesters (age 52-64) and Medicaid churn members. Each segment was served unique ad sets, speaking to their hot buttons and driving them to a coordinating landing page.

All landing and related web pages were re-envisioned to make them easy to scan and coordinate more closely to the key messages of our Smart Zones campaign. We integrated bold button links throughout the pages to draw the eye and more boldly guide users toward the quote and enroll process. New content to support the users’ decision-making process included how-to instructions on key pages, an Enrollment To-Do Checklist and member testimonials.

RESULTS: Our comprehensive Smart Zones reporting revealed record-breaking campaign results. And, web analytics show that our user experience enhancements for the key pages of their site significantly reduced confusion and abandonment and increased engagement.

  • The Smart Zones campaign earned a 50% click to quote rate.
    • That means half of our display ad clickers started the online quote process!
  • About 1 in 5 of those quote-starters completed the quote process online.
  • Compared to 2018 enrollment, we saw:
    • 1050% increase in completed quote submissions.
    • The enrollment phase saw almost 400% more engagement on the landing pages.
    • The Quote Step 1 link on our landing pages saw a 371% increase.
  • On the website/landing pages front, year over year:
    • The number of page views increased and the pages per session increased over 50%.
    • The bounce rate (percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page) decreased dramatically–97%.

CCHP is just one recent ACA success story. There are so many other Under 65 case studies we could share with you. Now’s the time to start thinking about the next enrollment period. Give us a call to fill us in on your goals and challenges. We’re ready to talk!