Project Description

A Powerful Combination: Nurturing Leads with Automation and Valuable Content

Client: Usource

Usource, a premier East Coast energy consulting firm, was looking to establish a more proactive lead nurturing strategy for initiating engagement with new prospects and nurturing leads through the sales funnel.

The company’s first step was to invest in a new marketing automation platform. The next step was to develop the strategy and content to drive these efforts and best leverage the technology. This is where Responsory stepped in.

To help Usource develop a foundation for an ongoing lead nurturing strategy and get the most out of their marketing automation investment, Responsory developed the strategy, messaging platform and tactical mix for a series of three lead nurturing campaigns.

Tactics included landing pages, direct mail, email, social media and direct sales team outreach. We also created content to further engage prospects through our lead nurturing efforts, including a series of blog posts and white papers focused on a wide variety of energy management topics.

Lead Nurturing Callout

RESULTS: Our efforts provided Usource with the foundation for a smart lead nurturing strategy that leveraged the company’s new marketing automation capabilities. Armed with valuable content and materials for ongoing outreach and engagement, Usource continues to build and enhance its lead nurturing strategy to engage with prospects and drive conversions.

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