Yes, that’s right. Armed with the patent-pending Smart Zones platform from Semcasting, Responsory is helping B2B and B2C organizations become pioneers of this unique IP Zone multichannel marketing solution.

Smart Zones is an audience targeting platform that maps nearly 100% of online home, education and business users into qualified, target-ready audiences — all while protecting user privacy.

No Dependency on Cookies Makes Smart Zones the One Solution with Nearly 100% Qualified Reach to Every Unique User

What makes it truly unique:

  • With NO COOKIES, every qualified prospect who is online is available all the time. This means 100% reach.
  • You’re no longer reliant on one single cookie visit or single purchase decision. Rich, multivariate data is used to identify prospects.
  • Privacy is key. No cookies or tracking of any kind is involved. This means its Do Not Track and Do Not Collect compliant.

With Smart Zones, we can reach out to over 227 million consumers and nearly 19 million businesses. Cookie-less multichannel and/or digital advertising campaigns are now possible, targeting qualified audiences based on over 750 verified demographic and socio-economic factors.

Average of 128% Lift over Cookie-based Campaigns (400 campaigns measured)

Our methodology is based on the tenants of good ol’ fashioned direct marketing: targeting and segmenting our audiences, messaging and creative based on real customers, affluence, lifestyle, interests and quantified analytics. But now, we’re empowered by this revolutionizing technology. It removes the guesswork from digital advertising.

Request Your Free Smart Zones Audience Profile Report

Get in touch with us to find out how many prospects you can reach with Smart Zones and what their demographic and firmographic profile looks like. We’ll ask you to provide a customer/prospect list sampling OR to describe your target audience with a brief survey that takes only minutes. We’re pretty confident the results will excite you.