For whatever reason, I have been thinking a lot about fairy tales lately. Perhaps, it has a lot to do with the amount of meetings I’ve been in recently and hearing about how the Direct Branding process we employ has helped so many of our clients get unbelievable results. It’s almost as if it’s too good to be true.

I know what you’re thinking, that this post is just another ploy to hawk my  services. I have to admit, I do love helping people market more effectively, so I guess in that regard you could be correct. But the bigger thrill is watching their reaction after a campaign is completed and we present our measurability index report. Some have laughed, others cried and some just sit there in amazement. Most just smile. Very big smiles, I might add.

I also think about fairy tales when I hear the absurd promises and outright lies that some companies make about the results that they can help our clients achieve. My best guess when I see some of their projections is that they must visit Disneyland. A lot.

Measurable marketing must be rooted in reality for it to work. That means testing, learning and following a proven approach. That takes time and commitment. You can’t snap your fingers and expect miracles to happen. I wish it was that easy.

Rather than bore you with statistics, reach out to Me or Rob Trecek and ask about some of the recent results we’ve helped our clients achieve. 262-782-2750. The first five people that call us will get a FREE copy of my book, Fairytale Marketing.

“When you wish upon a star…”