Responsory Football Cover

The hot humid air of an early September morning is a familiar feeling to many as fans become anxious for the beginning of a new football season. With a quick preseason behind us and the regular season now in full swing, I am drawn to a post I read on offensive linemen and how they are a different breed on the football field.

As a four-year starter for the University of Northwestern, I learned a lot about myself both on, and more importantly, off the field. Playing the position of offensive lineman is a thankless job. Unless you play center, (which I had the privilege of doing my senior year), you really never touch the ball. You work in the trenches creating holes and establishing the line of scrimmage for your quarterback’s safety all to execute skilled yardage gain. All of these tactics are very similar to those in the Creative field.

You can compare agency life to football very simply. How, you might ask? We are the offensive line for our clients and our clients are the quarterbacks who are calling the plays.

The offensive line must control and move the line of scrimmage as best as each player can. Like any marketing campaign and its components, each play is measured carefully and either moves forward with success or unexpectedly moves backwards. This is where the offensive line’s character is tested.

Never looking for pats on the back or glory in the spotlight, our goal at Responsory is to move that line of scrimmage, allowing the client to score as much as possible. Our success and victory is only celebrated when our client’s business improves as a result of our campaigns. To see our client spike the ball in the end zone for a touchdown as we gather for a quick celebration is why we live to play the game… after which, it’s back to the bench for more strategy and another offensive series.

The anatomy of the offensive line is to make things happen with measurable results – i.e. yardage gain. We at Responsory are your team that is here to move your needle forward and give you positive results on every challenge, project and campaign.