free demoFree demos aren’t just for software sales. A complimentary demonstration of your experts’ skills is often the best recipe for open dialog and breaking the ice with qualified prospects.

The Intersect Group, a national consulting and staffing firm, is leveraging its expertise for finding and placing Information Technology (IT) talent in the Dallas market. How? By offering a very specific target audience segment the opportunity to get free advice during a 30 minute Talent Review.

To reach these high-potential prospects, Responsory is supporting The Intersect Group with its Direct Branding method including audience targeting, key messaging, copywriting and design for a dimensional direct mail and Smart Zones digital advertising campaign.

One week into the Dallas market cookie-free Smart Zones launch and the display ads’ clickthrough rates already reached .12%. This is 4x the CTR a business services ad would generate through a traditional cookie-based display ad campaign. It took only days for the account managers to start scheduling their first Talent Reviews.

Among the campaign strategies for this and other related campaigns is testing various messaging themes and creatives, and incentive offers including no offer, an Amazon gift card and a selfie stick.

Dallas IT Dimensional Mailer


Dallas IT Smart Zones Banner Ad


 Dallas IT Landing Page with Amazon Offer


What expertise can your sales or customer service teams offer? Whether its a free phone session, infographic download or face-to-face demo, consider giving your prospects a sneak peek at the possibilities. That just may be the strategy that will get your sales team from hearing prospects change their tune from, “I’ll think about it” to “let’s do this thing!”

At Responsory, we have a knock-your-socks-off Smart Zones demo. We even have a demo of the demo! Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our presentation which is available by web conference or face to face with one of our new biz gurus. Take a look

Pick up the phone to talk through your goals and challenges with a Responsory expert. It’s a no-obligation tactic that promises a few great insights and yes, a free glimpse of our talents.  Talk to you soon!