Cheerleaders, truth-tellers, prodders and tolerators — moms are the best friends we’ll ever have with an abundant amount of unconditional love. Is it these qualities that make them such great marketers? For the first 18 years of your life, your mother focused on one major campaign goal — become an expert in the field of parenting. She made plans, identified strategies, and carried out a myriad of tactics to help you grow and prosper. She created timelines, set budgets and dealt with all the “vendors,” tools and supplies, all those necessary day-to-day details, to prepare and promote the ultimate product — YOU.

Yes, moms make great marketers. At Responsory, we’ll take it a step further to say that our moms made us the great marketers we are today. Here’s a small tribute from a few us to our beloved MOMARKETERS.


Ana to Mom, Sonja Devcic

ana momThere are so many things that my mom has taught me, and so many ways to describe how amazing she is – that it’s difficult to put into words. My mom is my best and closest friend, and she has taught me everything I know. I have always been inspired by her strength, her determination and her ability to always put others before herself – no matter what.

She has taught me how to laugh, how to cook just about anything from scratch, how to appreciate art and find beauty in the world around me. She has taught me the importance of holding on to our Croatian culture, staying close to our family and never forgetting the language. And most importantly, she has taught me how to love selflessly, to always be the best I can be and never settle for anything less.

I don’t know if I thank her enough for everything she has done for me. So today (and always) I want to remind her how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to have the best mama in the world.

Colleen to Mom, Cindy Gross

20142_1225790283124_5102437_nSo back in the ’90s there was this new thing called “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” and my mom worked for an insurance brokerage firm. Not really tops on a pre-teen’s list, to spend a day in the life of an insurance broker, but as luck would have it, my mom had a really dreamy client, at least in the eyes of an 11-year old: the Pleasant Company (creators of the American Girl sensation). Before they had stores and tea parties on Michigan Avenue, they were based in Middleton, WI. So among the group activities, I actually acted as an “advisor” to the company on the lines of dolls and other assorted products to inform their research on how best to serve their client.

According to the essay I had to write in order to miss the day of school (which my mom has filed and archived in PDF format), among that day’s activities and sessions were “Proofreading, Phone Etiquette, How to Fax a Letter, Presentations that Work, Health Care Reform, and Team Skills.” I put all of that hard work to good use and sent a follow-up thank you FAX to the organizer of the events.

Our jobs as marketers can compel us to look to stories to convey the truth of the matter at hand. This story is just one of many that exhibits how my mom through resourcefulness, education, and hard work  set me up to be where I am today. Thanks Mom!

Denise to Mom, Teresa Lamothe

dh momMy Mom and I worked together at my first agency job. She reminded me to dress for and behave toward the career I was aiming for. Her encouragement gave me the direction and courage I needed to earn the agency owner’s confidence in me.

I was blessed to have worked with my Mom at a previous job, too. A summer job, when I was home from college, at an Italian shoe boutique. Now that I look back, how lucky was I to have had this chance to see -and learn from- this working side of my Mom, firsthand. And, I am very lucky that she and I wore the same size so I could borrow her suits and shoes when I landed that first agency job!

Thank you, Mom! You’ve really been the best role model and friend I could ever hope for.

Jenny to Mom, Laura Gilbert

jenny momWhat can I say about my Mother that hasn’t been said about Mother Teresa…? Loving, caring, wonderful…you get the point, she’s a saint. Between raising a few rambunctious children and running a dairy farm my Mother instilled several life lessons in me; attracting bees with honey, working hard, only go a 1-2 shades lighter or darker when dying your hair, the usual.

One specific moment with my Mom stands out in my mind. I am complaining to Mom about how unfair my life is because we live on a farm and we always have to work (I know, life is so hard when you are 8 and all you want to do is play Paper Mario). She then says “Jenny, if you don’t like this life change it. Until then, get back to work.”

So thank you Mom, for teaching me to use my brain, to change something if you don’t like, to work hard, to cook, to not stand in front of the microwave, and everything else you’ve instilled in me.  You’ve taught a man to fish. And when I say man, I mean me. And when I say fish, I mean fish. Thanks for teaching me to fish Mom.

Lisa to Mom, Olga (Kelly) Robbins

Lisa momMy mom taught me to Think Positive, Work Hard and Be Kind to Others (including animals).

My mom is a pillar of strength, amazing example and true inspiration to me. She taught me to persist and expect the best from myself and others… And that a positive outlook will help to propel you forward to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. She set a great example in showing kindness and compassion to others – family, friends and nature. And a few other day to day lessons…cooking can be an art…fashion is also art and fun self-expression. And, taking care of yourself by eating right and staying active keeps you young.

Maria to Mom, Susie Leranth

maria momMy Mom taught me to work hard and treat people like you want to be treated. To this day my Mom is one of the hardest working people I know. Our neighbor asks frequently if we will rent her out. She is generous and kind and we are so lucky to have her live with us.

Our children benefit from her daily (although she isn’t half as strict with them as she was with me). I hope I can be as good of a Mom as she is.

Nick to Mom, Marilyn Mork

Nick momWhen some one talks about a person who is always there for you, always loving, constantly patient, forever understanding, and a heart of gold, I think of my Mother. But this is just the tip of the iceberg that I could say about her. I can truly say that who I am today is because of her. She is everything a son could ask for. All my dreams in life were her priority and she did everything she possibly could to make them happen. Simply put, I know what love is because of my mother’s relentless love for me.

Becky to Mom, Karen Behrendt

becky momIf there’s any one person I aspire to be like in my life, it’s my mom. My mom is the definition of super-mom- she raised 6 kids as a stay-at-home mom, juggling the endless amount of everyday tasks that go along with that, and she did it seamlessly, rarely complaining and giving so much of her heart and time to make sure me and my siblings always had everything we needed, whether physically or emotionally.

She raised us with a love for God, instilling strong morals and Biblical principles that have influenced my life profoundly, now more than ever as an adult. My mom is the definition of self-sacrifice and love and is the most compassionate person I know. She has a heart for people and animals, and I’ve witnessed so many times first-hand her kindness and gentle demeanor touch someone who was hurting. My mom is a rock- the very definition of stability and always one of the first people I turn to for advice and encouragement. I cannot imagine life without her and hope I can one day be even a fraction of the ray of light she has been in my life, in my own children’s lives. I love you, mom!


Let’s take time out from our busy days to reflect on all the lessons our Moms have taught us as individuals and as professionals. And, before the day is done, find a Mom and hug her.