You may be among the many businesses and organizations that completely ignore the enormous opportunity to connect with its customers and most viable prospects via email. When executed professionally, a relevant and regular email program will keep your brand and solutions front-of-mind among key influencers and decision makers, making it easier than ever for your company to be in the right place at the right time.

Here’s the rub …

A professional, proactive and well-planned email program requires time and resources, and that’s where many organizations can’t make a commitment. With so many marketing channels to manage and fewer resources to work with, marketing and sales departments are in REACTIVE mode, dealing with the most urgent promotional requests and opportunities first and setting everything else on the backburner.

Here’s the solution …

Responsory’s Interactive Team has all the resources and expertise required to build an ongoing email marketing program AND execute it for you. That means we’ll create the proactive plan, we’ll develop the on-brand creative and templates, we’ll develop the editorial schedule and write each issue’s content, we’ll produce the monthly or quarterly issues, we’ll manage the subscriber databases (and help you build them up or build them from scratch), we’ll distribute each issue, and we’ll track and analyze each issue’s results.

It’s really that simple. But don’t just take our word for it! Responsory provides full-service email marketing for VFW and its She Serves outreach. Here’s what they have to say about the program we built for them from scratch:

“From day one, we’ve been very impressed with the email marketing campaign Responsory has created for our She Serves outreach and has been maintaining for us for over 18 months. The outstanding results have enlightened us and continue to fuel our investment in additional online marketing efforts. The Responsory team has put forth the highest level of strategic counsel, creativity and dedication.”

Matt Claussen, National Director for Membership, Veterans of Foreign Wars

An ExactTarget Partner

While Responsory’s team is able to employ any email marketing platform our clients’ prefer (we’re well-versed in many tools like Silverpop, Benchmark and Vertical Response), ExactTarget is Responsory’s preferred emarketing platform. Named “leader of the pack” by Forrester Research against the top 14 email marketing service providers, ExactTarget is the tool we use to power our full-service email marketing clients’ campaigns with personalized, targeted messages that drive engagement and ROI. Even at peak sending times, your mission-critical messages will always reach your subscribers. And with an average system up-time of 99.99%, you’ll never have to worry about lost revenue or productivity. ExactTarget’s prestigious deliverability reputation truly sets them apart in the industry, and there’s no message we can’t deliver.

Don’t Ignore this Tremendous Marketing Channel

If you could effortlessly reach out to your target audiences on a monthly basis with ultra-relevant messages and a strong call-to-action, would you? And, how much value would you assign to that high-quality ongoing communication? If you’re like the marketers we know, the answers to these questions are “YES!” and “PRICELESS!”

Together, you and your Responsory team can plan, build and manage an ongoing email marketing program to build relationships, loyalty and trust among your customers and most viable prospects. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Responsory can typically have a new campaign hitting your subscribers’ inbox within a few weeks of our kick-off meeting.
  • For a brand-new, build-it-from-scratch, FULL-SERVICE 12-month enewsletter campaign, the average client budgets $6,500 to $15,000 per month.
  • You provide the subject matter and experts and our interactive strategists, data specialists, copywriters, designers and producers do the rest.